Who we are:

 In the Late 70″s a 55/56/57 Chevy club  was organized to be an affiliated club of Classic Chevy International. The club met at the  Jaycee Community Center on Wade Av. in Raleigh. It was decided at the January 1980 meeting that the the club would be know as the Piedmont Classic Chevy Club. In 1985 the club was officially incorporated as a nonprofit corporation. Over the years the club has grown along with classic car collecting. Today we include all US makes models through 1985. We have gone from an average 15 to 25 member families in the 70’s and 80’s to 40-50 member families in the 90’s to where today our membership is approximately 90 + member families.  Our Members are men and women vary in age from about 18 to 70+. Members come from all walks of life including truck drivers, pilots, engineers, computer programmers, small business owners, salesmen and women, auto industry professionals, landscaping, office professionals, business executives, you name it!. Our members all have one thing in common they all love these wonderful old cars.


We are located in and around Raleigh, North Carolina. Generally speaking Central North Carolina, referred to as “the Piedmont”, thus our name. The only requirement for membership is an active interest in the ole Chevy’s or other US makes. It is not necessary to own one to be a member although most members do, and some have many old cars and belong to a variety of car clubs.

What do we do:

As Of January 2018 the club meets every month, on the fourth Monday, at 7 PM at  Advance Auto Store Support Center-University Building 4709 Hargrove Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616

. At times we have a social outing and a business meeting. We travel to Car Shows, parades, other community events, have club outings and cruises, and sponsor an annual Car Show with most of the proceeds donated to a local charity.

The Cars:

Until about 1996 we were a 55-57 Chevy Club. In keeping with the trend across the country we then changed the club to officially cover 55-72 Chevy’s. These days we welcome all years and US makes through 1985 and anyone is welcome to join, even if you don’t own an ole Chevy. Our current membership covers Chevy’s ranging from 1917 to Chevelles, Nova’s, Camaro’s, Impala’s to late model Corvettes and everything in between, some own street rods and other makes. That’s OK too.


Members are not required to be members of any organizations. Some members belong to multiple organizations such as the VCCA, the AACA, the National Chevelle Club, the Camaro Club, the International Corvette Club, and others.

To Join Piedmont Classic Chevy Club go to our website and the
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Check us out our website at http://piedmontccc.org/    or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/piedmontccc